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                             " And a sower went out to sow........"  Matthew 13

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Rose Vestments

Twice a year, during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, the Church gives us Gaudete Sunday and Laetare Sunday, halfway through each season.  The liturgical color for these two days is rose - a break from the weeks of violet that those seasons bring.  Rose signifies the halfway mark for these season, and brings a note of joy in the midst of the penance.

Rose vestments are only used twice a year.  Most priests I know are quick to point out that the color is "rose" and not "pink."   However, many vestments that claim to be rose are actually pink and many priests opt to wear violet for one more day than to wear "pink "

We are able to dye a few of the liturgical fabrics as well as pure silk fabric to the desired rose color.  What is rose to one is not quite rose to another!  We will be happy to send you samples of dyed rose fabric for you to see the difference for yourself (as photos never really capture the colors as they truly are!)  Below are examples of the rose fabrics made into vestments.

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